TKO Myanmar Lethwei Dove Htoe Kwin Shorts Red

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Welcome to the world of Myanmar Lethwei at TKO Fight Store! Lethwei originates from Myanmar and is considered as one of the most brutal martial arts in the world. It is a full contact combat sports where anything goes- elbows, knees, fists, feet and unbelievably, headbutts! Lethwei is also otherwise known as the Art of 9 Limbs or bare knuckle fighting, with only the use of tape and gauze on the fighter's hands. 

You can now get Myanmar Lethwei Shorts at TKO Fight Store and be a part of this lethal combat sports! Myanmar Lethwei is governed by the MTBF. MTBF is the Myanmar Traditional Boxing Federation and they are the highest governing body of Lethwei worldwide. See Lethwei Superstar Soe Lin Oo in action with our customised TKO Myanmar Lethwei shorts! This sports celebrity is known as the 'Man of Steel' because of his incredible pain threshold!

The 'dove' symbols on the sides of the shorts depict 'Htoe Kwin' art, which fighters wear as traditional Lethwei tattoos on their legs. 

  • Made from high quality thick satin fabric that is very durable and soft and luxurious to touch.
  • Each pair individually hand-stitched. Made in Thailand.
  • Thick elasticized waistband with 6 shirring, ensuring maximum comfort.

*You can now add an MTBF-approved logo badge onto your pair of shorts by opting the correct selection. The badge is about 7cm in diameter. This badge will be sewn on the opposite leg of the TKO badge.

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