About Us

Our History           

            Martial arts and combat sports have been an essential part of human society since the dawn of time. Throughout history; records, artifacts and artworks from ancient civilizations have given us a glimpse of how martial arts and combat sports influence human lives in many levels, whether it be on political, social and economics. There are numerous kinds of martial arts and combat sports across all continents of the world. All are good and effective in their own ways. Nonetheless, some distinctive types of martial arts and combat sports have rapidly emerged and been popularized in recent times due to its certain combat effectiveness as well as entertainment aspects, for instance, Muay Thai, Boxing, Mix Martial Arts (MMA), Myanmar Lethwei, Brazilian Jujitsu, Chinese Kungfu etc. Therefore, the needs for the best possible equipment and apparels to accommodate such emergence have also arisen, and hence, TKO fight gear was conceived.         

            Established in 2015, TKO fight gear has been one of the fastest growing combat sports equipment and apparels brands in the world, especially in Muay Thai. This is because of our absolute passion for Muay Thai and combat sports that gives us the unimaginable level of motivation and energy to create and deliver the best fight gear to all fellow enthusiasts in the combat sports world. Moreover, as our brand is founded by a group of combat sport practitioners and enthusiasts like ourselves, we believe in not just creating the best possible fight gears for the market, but also being a part of the journey with every individual that uses them.

            Countless amounts of time have been spent on designing and developing every single type of equipment and apparels we have created. This is incorporated with stylish and aesthetic designs, carefully selected raw materials, and effective and efficient production process, in order to deliver very high quality and trendy products in a timely manner.

            Whether directly or indirectly, and in any shape or form, all fight equipment and apparels made by TKO fight gear will allow and enable the user(s) to maximize and reach their full potential, dreams and goals such individual(s) may have in combat sports.

Why Buy from Us

We are a legitimate business and our passion is all things Muay Thai! Even though we've been in business from 2015, we've certainly had experience for much longer than that, specifically as a Muay Thai junkie. Going to Muay Thai gyms to swing punches, throw kicks, you name it. Watching countless Muay Thai videos, all the time! Some of us have also participated in amateur Muay Thai fights. So we can definitely walk the talk!

We've tried on many Muay Thai and boxing gears like gloves, kick pads and shin guards, so we know what products are the best out there, or the worst. We can easily tell apart different products whether they were made well eg the feel of the gloves, the stitching used, workmanship, its contours, etc. Hence, from this, we created our own TKO fight gear brand and only stock Fairtex gears, which we know and trust.

We have a strong foothold in the Australian market and we are an emerging brand in Malaysia, Japan and parts of China. Not convinced yet? Then head to our Facebook page (click on the Facebook link at the bottom of this page), where you can see our brand live in action!

We also sponsored many well-known Muay Thai fight shows in Australia (Domination 21 2018, 2020 & 2021) and in Thailand such as the popular Thai Fight 2018. You can also see famous Australian and Thai fighters wearing and using our gears!