Arwut Focus Mitts Hybrid Genuine Leather FMH1 Silver

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Combining the characteristics of the focus mitts and kick pads, the Arwut Focus Mitts Hybrid FMH1 is a highly innovative and brutal tool, designed for the serious fighter and trainer in mind. Larger than the focus mitts (curved) but smaller than the kick pads, this is the ideal equipment to incorporate knees and kicks into your strict regime. The choice of materials used in the manufacturing process as well as exceptional handcrafting expertise enable superb protection and shock absorption for the holder from those heavy brutal strikes.

  • Encompasses all the distinctive features and benefits from the Arwut Focus Mitts Curved such as the curved design.
  • Added length for multiple usages including for knees and kicks.
  • Additional Velcro closure around the wrist to increase ergonomics and form a better grip.
  • Additional padding under wrist for better protection and to contour the curve of the wrist, reducing injuries.
  • Additional soft coverage over fingers to prevent fingers being exposed to powerful strikes resulting in fingers being bashed.
  • Proudly handmade in Thailand with utmost craftsmanship, using quality materials and processes.
  • High grade premium cowskin leather is utilized.
  • Available in one standard size.

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