TKO Muay Thai Camo Shorts

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Do you want to show off your kicking power and fight in style at the same time? Now you can look the part and feel good with this pair of retro styled Muay Thai camo shorts. The ‘retro style’ design is created to get with the times where it is important to look trendy and modern. This design differs from the traditional style Muay Thai shorts in that it is shorter and has side splits, which means that you can still throw the same powerful kicks and knees at your opponents. The retro style design is more tight-fitting around the thighs, accentuating your muscular leg definition. The nylon fabric makes this the professional fighters' apparel of choice as they have a lighter feel to them. Choose this pair if you train a lot and don't have time to wait around for them to dry.

  • Made from nylon material and light-weight. 
  • Dries very quickly.
  • Each pair individually hand-stitched. Made in Thailand.
  • Thick elasticized waistband, ensuring maximum comfort.
  • Available colour: Camouflage (Yellow/Orange Piping). Comes in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL.

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