Arwut Nanopoly T-Shirt NT01-S015 Rachasi

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The Arwut Nanopoly T-Shirt NT01 features a perfect cut, with a slight fit and stretchiness. It is designed with triple benefits- quick-dry cooling technology; ultra light, breathable material; and increased comfort.

The Arwut Nanopoly T-Shirt NT01-S015 Rachasi signifies a majestic creature in the form of a lion. The Rachasi can come in many forms such as half human, half lion or possessing impressive wings. Its magnificent mane and warrior-like body dominates its otherworldly presence. Undoubtedly, it symbolizes a high stature and is revered for its regal association as king of the jungle. The Rachasi is fearless, courageous and does not surrender easily. The Arwut Nanopoly T-Shirt NT01-S015 Rachasi is ready to forge your pursuit of excellence in Muay Thai.

  • Nanopoly fabric is a blend of microfibre and Polyester materials.
  • Fast-drying technology for quick sweat evaporation and cooling wear.
  • Ultra light and breathable fabric.
  • Stretchy material for increased comfort and mobility.
  • Perfect as a sports and exercise wear.
  • Made in Thailand.

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