Arwut Nanopoly T-Shirt NT01-S014 Erawan

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The Arwut Nanopoly T-Shirt NT01 features a perfect cut, with a slight fit and stretchiness. It is designed with triple benefits- quick-dry cooling technology; ultra light, breathable material; and increased comfort.

The Arwut Nanopoly T-Shirt NT01-S014 Erawan depicts the Erawan, a three-headed elephant with multiple tusks, who serves Indra, god of rain and thunder in the Hindu mythology. Although usually portrayed with three heads for aesthetic reasons, he has 33 heads and 231 tusks in the myth.

The Erawan is a majestic creature, symbolizing strength and inspiring power. Its grandeur exudes an imposing colossal magnificence. The Arwut Nanopoly T-Shirt NT01-S014 Erawan represents might, power and force, which are exceptional qualities practised in Muay Thai. 

  • Nanopoly fabric is a blend of microfibre and Polyester materials.
  • Fast-drying technology for quick sweat evaporation and cooling wear.
  • Ultra light and breathable fabric.
  • Stretchy material for increased comfort and mobility.
  • Perfect as a sports and exercise wear.
  • Made in Thailand.

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