Arwut Classic Black Muay Thai Shorts

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Look brutally stylish when training in these new season Muay Thai shorts! We've designed these in the traditional or retro style to suit your preference. Both styles are made from high quality thick, smooth satin fabric that is very durable and so soft and luxurious to the touch. Each pair is expertly hand-stitched and made in Thailand. The Thai characters read as 'Muay Thai'.

Retro Style:

  • Thick elasticized waistband with 6 shirring.
  • Rounded side slits.
  • Tight-fitting around the thighs and slim-fitting.
  • Shorter length.

Traditional Style:

  • Thicker elasticized waistband with 8 shirring, ensuring maximum comfort.
  • Side slits.
  • Less tight-fitting around the thighs.

Available sizes: S, M, L or XL.

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